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Learn about Alyne's single SaaS platform for the entire Risk Management lifecycle .

End to End Risk Management (Cover Image)

Alyne's six-step approach: End to end Risk Management

Leverage Alyne to gain better visibility of your organisation's overall Risk posture while maintaining an agile Risk Management approach.

1. Define Context

Define Risk bearing capacity and Risk appetite, then determine hierarchies and organisational levels.

2. Identify Risks

Leverage predefined Risk scenarios paired with an easy RCSA process, facilitating Scenario Analysis where appropriate and meaningful. 

3. Qualify Risks

Understand the root cause of identified Risks, classify by category and calculate impact and probability based on Risk scenarios and maturity deviations. 

4. Quantify Risks

Calculate Value at Risk (VaR) using Alyne's built in Risk Loss Estimate Calculator.

5. Manage Risks

Manage Risk exposure vs Risk appetite through prioritisation of Risk Mitigation measures.

6. Aggregate Portfolio

Run Monte Carlo simulations across Risk portfolio to calculate Value at Risk and export results for board-ready reporting.

Let us calculate Alyne's time and cost saving benefits for your organisation.

Alyne's Business Case Builder spans a range of dependent factors and various types of costs calculated over a comparable time frame in order to achieve real transparency. Let an Alyne Expert assist you in obtaining a good overview of the business case, and your potential cost and time saving benefits in using Alyne.